• Save Thousands of Dollars

    This course is for anyone interested in building a well-designed, energy-efficient home and saving up to 20% of the cost. That’s an unbelievable savings of $60,000 on a $300,000 home !

    For an investment of only $95 you can have all of the tools needed to plan, organize and build your new home. Morris' Successful Home Building Course will save you tens of thousands of dollars and just as importantly help you avoid making costly mistakes.


  • Custom Homes Built By Morris Brown

    Featured in rotation above are pictures of some of the over six hundred custom homes built by Morris Brown over the past 25 years. Morris uses the same forms, procedures, timelines and contracts found in his Home Building Manual when operating his construction business. You can use them too when planning to build or remodel your home.

    The Successful Home Building Course is a practical guide for construction. It was written and studio recorded personally by Morris Brown, walking you step by step through the entire home building process.

    Order the Successful Home Building Course today and let Morris begin helping you. If you still have unanswered questions as to whether this is the right course for you, call Morris today at 850-509-3632 and discuss them with him. You'll be glad you did.

  • About The Author

    MorrisMorris Brown is a professional builder in North Florida. He is licensed to build both residential and commercial projects. He specializes in design-build projects, working with his clients from concept to completion, from design to occupancy.

    Finishing construction on time, within budget and providing quality energy-efficiency is his goal for every job. He has completed thousands of jobs including new construction, remodeling and repairs including over 600 custom homes.

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